Show your #PLNTBSD Pride!


Colorful Detox Fruit Salad & PLNT BSD IN LUTSEN-

What do you do in Minnesota when for once you have ZERO plans for the weekend? (THIS NEVER HAPPENS!) You pack up the truck with all your snowboarding gear, snacks and our favorite organic red wines- and take a little trip up north for some R&R- PLNT BSD style!

We had so much fun over this past weekend when we randomly decided to take a trip up north to Lutsen Resort. I was extremely impressed with their service in both the main dining area and the pub! -Hi Don!- As well as on the slopes! 

Our first morning there we decided to take a walk on the trails to check out the beautiful shoreline of Lake Superior. (more on that later) But first...BREAKFAST!

Whats more plant based then multigrain toast and a perfectly ripe avo? A mimosa of course! - Vegan friendly champagne? Yes please! ;) 





We spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend...and while we were freezing our tushes off most of the time, It was absolutely breathtaking.The perfect last minute get away.  If you haven't been to the north shore, it should defiantly be on your next weekend getaway list. Just make sure you pick a warmer weekend then we did! 

Who decides to go for a long walk in -7 degrees though.........?

We were so excited to check out the shoreline of Lake Superior! The view was unreal from inside, (and a lot warmer.) So after breakfast, we threw on our coats, hats, gloves and boots- Enough gear to keep us warm right? RIGHT!? 

Thank goodness for my PLNT BSD pom beanie! 



Next time maybe we will at least wait till after noon to take a long walk in negative degree weather.

PS.If your into photography whatsoever, the Lake Superior shoreline is full of inspiration! Rocks covered in ice, steam rising from the lake, and crazy looking ice formations. Beautiful! _____________________________________________________________


You gotta detox to retox! 

After a 2 bottles of Pino Noir and some tequila over the weekend, I was feeling a bit run down. (hey! we were on a mini vacation! ) I decided to make a simple-yet delicious detox fruit salad for the week. 


  • Pomegranate (1) 
  • Banana (1-2)
  • Strawberries (1/2 carton sliced)
  • Blueberries (1 carton)
  • Rasperries (1 carton) 
  • Raw organic coconut flakes (as much as desired) 
  • Lime juice (1/3 cup)
  • Pineapple (1) 

Stir all chopped fruit and lime juice in a large bowl and enjoy for the week! Simple, yet delicious; great for boosting your immune system and full of antioxidants! 

I like to use this recipe after a trip or a busy weekend were I don't get the fruits that  normally would during the work week. I also love it because its a great easy snack during the day! Chopped and ready to go! PLNT BSD style. 

Thanks again to Lutsen Resort in MN! We had so much fun-maybe too much fun! ;)